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August 20 2018

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July 15 2018

July 11 2018

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Eye Contact With Strangers Experiment

Where has the human connection gone in our big cities? In this public experiment we discover what happens when we intentionally share eye contact with strangers

The Liberators - Born free
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June 27 2018

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June 09 2018

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June 02 2018

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May 30 2018

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細川ふみえ Fumie Hosokawa

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May 23 2018

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May 21 2018

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May 20 2018

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May 10 2018

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pretty gurllll

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i love you all a latte !!!

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April 25 2018

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April 23 2018

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April 17 2018

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April 12 2018

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April 09 2018

Actually you can do this as a longer meditation.
Therefore it's said that the left eye is connected to the heart and the right eye to the thinking look in the left eye of someone. Most people feel more comfortable and say they had a more deeper experience.

When I feel lost or empty I do this in front of a mirror and it gives me back an insight to my inner wideness and connects me with my heart.
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